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Arranger’s Note
This standard was written and first recorded in 1926 and quickly established its popularity. Notable recordings of the song have been made almost every decade to the present day by artists ranging from Miles Davis and John Coltrane to Ringo Starr, Rod Steward, and Paul McCartney. Often performed in an up-tempo swing, this arrangement looks to find the nostalgic introspection of the text and owes much to my memories of singing it in school choir.


The passage from bars 65-80 could suit having an improvised solo over the top of it.


A version of this arrangement for upper voices is available from Broad Street Publishing.



ack up all my cares and woe,

Here I go, singing low.

Bye bye blackbird.

Where somebody waits for me,

Sugar’s sweet, so is he.

Bye bye blackbird.

No one here can love or understand me.

Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me.

Make the bed and light the light,

I’ll be home late tonight.

Blackbird, bye bye.


First Performed by The Ipswich Chamber Choir, St Andrew’s Church, Rushmere 1 vi 2019

Henderson arr. Collins Rice: Bye Bye Blackbird

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