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Editor's Note

These Preces and Responses are compiled from the liturgical music written by Coleridge-Taylor drawn largely from, and to intended complement, his Op. 18. Exact sources of the music are listed below.



O Lord, open thou our lips. /And our mouth shall shew forth thy praise.

O God, make speed to save us. / O Lord, make haste to help us.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son: and to the Holy Ghost; / As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: world without end. Amen

Praise ye the Lord. / The Lord’s name be praised.


The lord be with you. / And with thy spirit.

Let us pray. / Lord, have mercy upon us. Christ, have mercy upon us. Lord, have mercy upon us.

[The Lord’s Prayer]

O Lord, shew thy mercy upon us. / And grant us thy salvation.

O Lord, save the Queen. / And mercifully hear us when we call upon thee.

Endue thy ministers with righteousness. /

And make thy chosen people joyful.

O Lord, save thy people. / And bless thine inheritance.

Give peace in our time, O Lord. / Because there is none other that fighteth for us, but only thou, O God.

O God, make clean our hearts within us. / And take not thy Holy Spirit from us.

[Amens for Collects]



Jubilate Deo: “serve the Lord with gladness”


Jubilate Deo: “and come before his presence with”

Nunc Dimittis: “As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: world without end. Amen”

Now Late on the Sabbath Day: “behold there was a great earthquake”

By the Waters of Babylon: “Sing us one of the songs of Sion”

Te Deum Laudamus: “Lord, have mercy upon us, have mercy upon us. O Lord let thy mercy”

In Thee, O Lord: “Amen”

Benedictus: “And hath raised up a mighty salvation for us”

Te Deum: “We therefore pray Thee, help Thy servants”

Jubilate Deo: “O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands”

Jubilate Deo: “and the sheep of His pasture”


Lift Up Your Heads: “It is the Lord strong and mighty, ev’n the Lord mighty in battle”


Te Deum Laudamus: “Also the Holy Ghost, the comforter”

O Ye That Love The Lord (I), Now Late on the Sabbath Day (II), In Thee, O Lord (III), Nunc Dimittis (IV): “Amen”



First performed at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, 30 vii 2022.

Coleridge-Taylor: Preces and Responses

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