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21:00 12th February 2012
The Facade Ensemble
Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge

Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat


Conductor: Benedict Collins Rice | Narrator: Katrina Faranda Bellofiglio | Soldier: Jamie Webb | Devil: Patrick Kirkham | Princess: Phoebe Power

MacMillan: Seven Last Words From the Cross

Ely Cathedral

31st March 2021

"a challenging piece ... received a stunning performance here, with MacMillan's wrenching harmonies really cutting through with a clean edge, yet poignant moments too. The performance was one to a part (challenging in itself) which brought a lovely clarity and cleanliness to the music, yet in the more dramatic moments seemed to heighten the intensity. The result makes a very modern contemplation for Holy Week, you cannot but doubt MacMillan's spiritual commitment to the music, yet he writes in a way which speaks to a wide variety of souls."

Robert Hugill       Planet Hugill 

Ipswich Chamber Choir: Bach B Minor Mass, St Mary Le Tower Ipswich, March 2019


"A packed audience was treated to a breath-taking performance. . .given masterly life by Ipswich Chamber Choir and the Geldart Ensemble with four soloists under the sensitive and unerring guidance of their conductor Benedict Collins Rice."


Jane Bramhall | Ipswich Review




The Facade Ensemble: PASSIO, St John the Baptist Peterborough, April 2017


"From the thrilling opening chorus to the final blazing chord of D major, Passio proved to be a thoroughly compelling and riveting experience. Much of this due to the appropriately passionate, insightful and inspiring conducting of Benedict Collins Rice."


Joe Conway | Peterborough Telegraph


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