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MacMillan: Seven Last Words From The Cross, March 2021

"a challenging piece ... received a stunning performance here, with MacMillan's wrenching harmonies really cutting through with a clean edge, yet poignant moments too. The performance was one to a part (challenging in itself) which brought a lovely clarity and cleanliness to the music, yet in the more dramatic moments seemed to heighten the intensity. The result makes a very modern contemplation for Holy Week, you cannot but doubt MacMillan's spiritual commitment to the music, yet he writes in a way which speaks to a wide variety of souls."
Robert Hugill Planet Hugill
, 2 April 2021


Stockhausen: STIMMUNG, May 2017

"The group gave a first-rate account, and their mastery of overtone singing was generally very good ... it contained some satisfying showcase moments for individual performers (Oliver Clarke’s splendidly theatrical declamation of the poem Meine Hände, or Benedict Collins Rice’s exasperated ‘come on’ being examples), and a liberal seasoning of vivacity and wit."
Barry Creasy | MusicOMH
, 21 May 2017

Arvo Part: Passio, April 2017

"For all the talk of Part's special compositional method of tintinnabulation with its suggestion of persistent bell-like sounds, what actually came across was a brisk, cut-and-thrust delivery of the harrowing story.

This isn't to imply that this performance lacked emotion, quite the contrary. From the thrilling opening chorus to the final blazing chord of D major, Passio proved to be a thoroughly compelling and riveting experience. Much of this due to the appropriately passionate, insightful and inspiring conducting of Benedict Collins Rice."

Joe Conway | Peterborough Telegraph

The Night Resounded: music by Schoenberg and Berg, February 2017

"Brilliant Programme!"

Gregory Rose | International Conductor and Composer

Scenes from a Void: World Premiere of opera by D. Roche November 2016

"...the conductor deserves a particular commendation for his adept guidance of such a complex piece."

Genny Kilburn Smith | The Cambridge Student

The Facade Ensemble: CANTATA, St James' Paddington, April 2016


Paul Badura-Skoda | International Concert Pianist 

"Benedict Collins-Rice and his Facade Ensemble . . . left me unwilling to leave at the music's close . . . the effect of this revolving, cyclical collection of sounds was the momentary suspension of reality, musical and otherwise, and how sweet that was. . . this concert showed me that unfamiliar sound-worlds are best served live and thankfully there are groups like The Facade Ensemble who are willing to make the effort to invite you to share in them."

Philip Barrett (Broadcast Assistant, BBC Radio 3) | philbarrettlistens

The Turn of the Screw, Sidney Sussex Arts Festival, June 2015

"Britten’s “The Turn of The Screw” . . . for me was the highlight of the festival . . . Benedict Collins-Rice conducted the extremely talented orchestra masterfully, and every single performer on stage managed to utterly enthrall the audience with some wonderfully expressive singing."

Samuel Hewitt | Varsity


Dido is Dead, Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge, June 2015


"Benedict Collins-Rice skilfully led a veritable smorgasbord of an orchestra (electric guitar, anyone?) through a challenging score"


Robert Haylett | Cambridge Theatre Review

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